Simply making building better 


​The modern, flexible contract compliance solution for builders and subcontractors.

  • Manage complex contracts across your business with our innovative contract interpretation system

  • Manage your compliance and project obligations anywhere in real time

  • Reduce admin time and costs by going digital with best practice procedures 

Providing transparency of the building process by evidencing due diligence of the entire project.

  • Capturing essential build data to ensure due diligence has been met by each trade.

  • Providing a single platform to deliver transparency of all process including a live compliance progress score.

  • Harvesting all critical construction information from each stakeholder making it commercially available for the rest of life management of any facility.


Contraco has been featured on a podcast with Ashley Ralph and John Warren from Innovative Tradies. Chris talks about the devastation and financial pain of losing his business from non-payment that put him on the path to creating a technology that protects other Tradies from having to go through that same experience.

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