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How to demonstrate your iCIRT capabilities without losing your mind

The iCIRT rating system is a marketing gamechanger. Developers, builders and subcontractors can stand out from the crowd by being a trusted, iCIRT rated company with the experience, capability and capital to deliver quality buildings. 

Beware: iCIRT risk rating is comprehensive. Be prepared that you'll be providing documentation on six areas: character, capability, conduct, capacity, capital and counterparties. 

Single-party iCIRT risk rating attributes

Source: Independent Construction Industry Ratings Tool (iCIRT) Single-Party and Multi-Party Ratings Methodology (v1.0, 2021). Accessed on: Oct 2022. 


The most time-consuming part will be documenting the processes and practices in place to collect, store, share and report compliance and quality assurance data and knowledge across your team, builder and subcontractors. 

That's assuming you don't already work with us.


Contraco is an end-to-end compliance guidance and building assurance solution that will: 

  1. Deliver quality management, project management and risk management practices 

  2. Engage builders, subcontractors, design practitioners and certifiers on-site 

  3. Design and construction management that minimises the risks and impacts of defects 

  4. Deliver a building compliance dossier available to buyers for the lifetime of a building

1 Quality management, project management and risk management is simple with Contraco

During onboarding, Contraco uploads your project's specific protocols and procedures. All of our protocols are maintained up-to-date with the latest building code requirements in the DBP Act and RAB Act. Contraco reduces your risks that your subcontractors breach the building code. 

Step-by-step wizards guide builders and subcontractors on the documentation and evidence required to complete a step. 


Missed steps are flagged early so you can catch issues or shortcuts before they become a problem. 

With Contraco your builders and subcontractors are on-the-record as their progress, milestones and completion can be tracked across the duration of the build. 

2 On-site engagement 

Contraco is designed to be used on-site. It's user interface is designed for mobile devices. And real-time access to data is available through permission-enabled accounts. 

We couldn't make it any easier for subcontractors to take and upload photos as evidence of the progress and completion of their works. Our simple step-by-step wizards prompt subcontractors to upload documentation as required, with a final submission button to mark completion. No more oversights. No more delays. No more paper. 

3 Design and construction management that minimises the risks and impacts of defects 

Identify, flag and monitor operational risks to reduce the chances of oversights that may result in defects and lead to delays, additional remediation costs, non-payment by builders or developers, or lengthy disputes.

4 Contraco Compliance Dossiers reflecting the quality of your build

Contraco Compliance Dossiers are complete documentation of all the products and services certified in the production of your build. It is a powerful marketing tool that reflects the quality of your build to prospective buyers. 

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