Compliance Health Check

Non-compliance represents the biggest risk faced by construction businesses today, and it isn’t just about safety, it's everything from contract and project management, to evidencing due process, proper reporting functions and communicating obligation to your team. The questionnaire is fairly extensive so our specialists can provide the best and most accurate assessment of your position and identify where your company may be most at risk.

Company Information

Do you run multiple projects at any given time?

The following should be considered as your business activity, once a project has been tendered and the contract offered.



Do you normally use or seek legal advice prior to signing a contract?
Are you currently required to use a compliance or industrial relations auditor?
Are your claims fully detailed as per the draw down schedule?
Are your claims paid on time?
Are your claims normally assessed at full value each month?
Do you have an operations manual?
Do you have a written project management procedure?
Are your staff trained in these procedures?


At the end of each project or seperable portion, do you request or provide a certificate of completion?
Are you required to apply for a certificate of occupancy on behalf of the client?
Are deeds of release normally provided either to you or by you upon completion?

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