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One-click dossiers a reality

Compliance dossiers are a critical tool for ensuring that solar farms in Australia meet all relevant regulations. They help to ensure that solar farms meet all relevant regulations and standards, and they can also be used to demonstrate compliance to investors and other stakeholders.

However, there is currently no standard format or content for compliance dossiers, which can lead to inconsistencies and inefficiencies. If you're not collecting information in a standard format from the beginning to the end of a project, consolidating the information can cost you loads of time and money.

Contraco simplifies end-to-end compliance and safety management so you can gain the benefits and savings of one-click dossiers.

The Contraco data list includes:

Solar PV system and battery dossier data list

  • Development details

  • System size

  • Battery

  • System location

  • Date of Contraco Dossier generationPanel product data information

  • Panel warranty information

  • Panel guarantees

  • Nominal power output within first year

  • Nominal power output up to 25 years

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