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Time to Level Up

Seamless real-time communication between installers and client, instantly shareable on-site data collection and world-leading automated compliance tools. 

What are you waiting for? 

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"We use Contraco to simplify our business, eliminate delays and improve our customer's experience."

Daryn Stocks, Managing Director, EPC Solar

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Get your clients in the loop

Contraco makes it easy to record on-site progress, consolidate it into PDF automatically and share it. Minimise the daylight between your team and your clients and get reviews and client approvals done quickly.


Keep your clients happy and your project on track. 

Get ahead of supply chain issues

Contraco’s shareable real-time data collection and step-by-step workflow checklists automatically flag what supplies are needed when. Your procurement people can plan ahead with confidence.

Make sure you have the supplies you need, when you need them. 

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Get everyone on the same page

Contraco’s shareable dashboard project view and workflow tools integrate and automate all the data you need. Get task prompts to all stakeholders for pending compliance activity, automate due diligence, and track your project’s progress.

Get high-quality code compliant work done faster

Contraco easily records on-site compliance evidence and shares it with your team. Snap it, map it, share it and sit on over 40 ISO compliant templates that automatically update when regulations change. 

No more chasing paper or emails. 

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The main reasons your solar projects will run late and over budget

Tailored for solar projects

Contraco is the only compliance management software that understands the workflows of a solar project. And our expert team works with you to customise Contraco so it seamlessly integrates into your operations. 

Don't waste your money on off-the-shelf solutions.

Use software designed for your business. 

Construction Workers

Not ready for a demo? 

That's OK. Stay connected and two to three times a year Contraco will share resources and tools to check your project's compliance health.

Thanks for connecting!

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