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Top 5 reasons builders don't get paid

The most common reason that builders don't get paid is due to payment disputes or disagreements between the builder and the client/developer. These disputes happen for a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Delays or issues with the project: If the project is delayed or there are issues with the construction work, the client may withhold payment until the issues are resolved.

  2. Disagreements over the scope of work: The builder and client may disagree on the scope of work or the quality of the work done, leading to payment disputes.

  3. Payment terms and conditions: Disagreements over payment terms and conditions, such as the amount and timing of payments, can also lead to payment disputes.

  4. Financial issues: The client may have financial issues and may not be able to pay the builder, leading to payment delays or non-payment.

  5. Legal issues: Legal disputes, such as contract disputes can lead to non-payment of the builder.

To prevent payment disputes, it's important for builders to have clear payment terms and conditions in their contracts, to keep detailed records of all work done and expenses incurred, and to communicate effectively with their clients throughout the project. It's also important to have a plan in place for resolving any disputes that may arise.

Here's how Contraco can help you

  1. Document and track issues with photographs and video: e.g. rain delays safe access to a work site. Use Contraco on-site to record and evidence a legitimate delay, and communicate immediately with the client.

  2. Document and track the quality of work completed: Use Contraco to capture on-site photo and video to evidence the quality of your work, inform your client of your progress and to record that your work is completed, and code compliant.

  3. Get paid for your work: Use Contraco to evidence variations and completed work for approval and payment by your client as soon as you're ready.



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