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Get paid for all the work you do

Builders are quick to find ways not to pay. Know your subbies are doing their job right, track their progress and collect all the evidence you need to get paid for a job and variations. Contraco tracks, evidences and shares what you and your subbies are doing on-site, quickly and easily. 



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Floor Measurements
"Contraco protects us from non-payment by builders. We evidence all our work so there's little chance a builder can deny our claim."

Brian Russell, AllFloors Commercial

Protect yourself 

Be ready to support your claims for payment with comprehensive evidence trails: on-site collection of photographic and video evidence. 

Don't get caught out. Get paid. 

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Focus on growing your business 

Too much of your time can be taken up with chasing:

  • subbies for evidence of completed works

  • builders for payment of a job, and variations of a job. 

Contraco allows you to send alerts to subbies when a critical step hasn't been signed off. 


Track the progress of a job, the reasons for job variations and delays with video and photographic evidence . If you're ever questioned by your builder, the answers are as easy as sharing a PDF of all your time-stamped supporting evidence. 

Save yourself the time and hassle of chasing subbies and builders. 


Focus on what you should be doing, growing your business. 

Tailored for the flooring sector

Contraco is tailored for the flooring sector. Collaborating with All Floors Commercial, Contraco has been tailored to meet the needs of flooring companies and their subbies. 

Don't was your money on off-the-shelf solutions.

Only use software designed for your business. 

Construction Workers

Not ready for a demo? 

That's OK. Stay connected and two to three times a year Contraco will share resources and tools to check your project's compliance health.

Thanks for connecting!

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